What Sony Essentials is and how to migrate an existing account

Sony Essentials

What is Sony Essentials?

Sony Essentials is the selection of our partner video services that you can access from your Sony home entertainment products, including select HDTVs and Home Audio/Video devices. This is all managed and accessed from your Sony Essentials account.

Why do I need to migrate my Essentials account to a PlayStation Network account?

Essentials is now part of PlayStation Network. It will make it easier for you to manage your online services from your home entertainment devices.

After you migrate to a PlayStation Network account, you will be able to…..

- Manage your devices more easily

- Gain access to a wider range of entertainment options - all from one account from all Sony network enabled devices

How will I be affected if I migrate my Sony Essentials account?

Once you have completed the update of your Sony Essentials account, your activities and information will be governed by the PlayStation Network Terms of Service & User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you decide not to agree with this, then please do not update your Sony Essentials account and we will notify you with a subsequent email in advance of its closure.

How do I migrate my Essentials account to a PlayStation Network account?

to Essentials and follow the steps:


If you need any assistance with migrating your account, please Contact Us.


  • HDTV
  • 4KTV
  • Blu-ray Disc™ Player


  • Music Unlimited
    • Music Unlimited Features